Perform an Panel Upgrade


    With an upgrade, homeowners will notice their electrical systems operate more efficiently and there are fewer incidences of tripped breakers.

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    Electrical Panel Upgrades in Fresno, CA

    The average home in America is filled with electronics and appliances. All of these products need power, and they need more than what they used to. This can lead to a lot of electric panel and breaker issues. If you notice any of these signs, it could be time for an upgrade: your electrical system operates less efficiently, you have more “tripped breakers”, and your bills are unpredictable.

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    What Is a Panel Upgrade?

    It’s common for homes to require electrical panel upgrades, even if the electrical service itself is still functioning well. The right knowledge, tools, and equipment are essential for ensuring the upgrade will be done to exacting specifications.


    While electrical work can be dangerous, a licensed electrician should handle it so you don’t have to worry. When upgrading your panel, make sure to get it checked out first to see if there are any problems or signs of disrepair. If issues are constantly recurring, it would be wise to consider an electrical panel upgrade. Give us a call if you need an Electrical Panel Upgrade.

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    Upgrading is Not Easy

    Upgrading an electrical panel is not an easy project, so labor is a big part of the cost. However, the panel is the backbone of your whole house electrical system, so this is not an area you want to skimp on.


    It’s very important to find a licensed electrical contractor, like Ready Electric. We have extensive experience in electrical panel upgrades and installation.


    The work has many implications and ramifications that can affect the electrical system and ultimately pose great danger to your household.


    Some of the most common problems deriving from work that’s not up to standards are:


    • Insecure wiring – if the wires are not properly secured or the staples are too tight around the wires, serious damage can occur.
    • Connection issues – tight electrical connections are very important, as loose connections may lead to arcing and overheating, which in turn cause electrical fires and even personal injuries.
    • Wiring size issues – the wrong size of wires can cause overheating;
    • Improper wire length – electrical connections are made by stripping the wires and improper wire stripping can cause short circuits.