Perform a Meter Panel Check


    National Fire Protection Association reports more than 45,000 home fires involving electrical system problems between 2010 and 2017. There was close to $1.4 billion loss due to direct property damage.

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    Do You Have a Safe Electric System at Home?

    It is not an easy question to answer. Hire a professional electrician to do your meter panel check. When your electrician comes to do your meter panel check, ask these questions:


    1. Do we have corroded electric wires?
    2. Does our house wiring conform to acceptable safety standards?
    3. Do we have loose electric connections?
    4. Do we have electric wires damaged by rodents?
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    Dangers of Poor Wiring

    Ask the electrician to check if you need to upgrade your house wiring. Poor electric wiring can cause power surges, fires, and electric shocks. Using not properly isolated wiring close to running water can get people electrocuted.

    Remember to dry your hands thoroughly when you use electric appliances. Turn off all sources of electricity when you try to do electric work by yourself.

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    What You Can Achieve by Using One Kilowatt of Energy

    Electricity is billed in kilowatt-hours.


    • One kilowatt of energy can blend 200 smoothies
    • Toast 160 slices of your favorite bead
    • Run a ceiling fan for 20 hour
    • Wash 12 pounds of dirty laundry

    Arrange an electrical safety inspection for your home. It could be too late tomorrow.